How to Avoid a Lead Abatement Order Workshops

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The "How To Avoid a Lead Abatement Order" workshop is an absolute must for all NH property owners, property managers and maintenance personnel.  This is solely our course and we have been able to maintain a low tuition of only $30.

Also of extreme importance is that the EPA Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule takes effect now. 

Fines for not complying can be up to $37,500 per incident!

This rule requires that any person, receiving compensation (as in pay or rent), who disrupts more than 6 square feet of paint in a pre-1978 building MUST have successfully completed an EPA HUD approved Renovate, Repair, Paint “RRP” course and be an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator or work for a “Certified Renovation Firm”.

Our RRP courses will give you that certification. As you can probably imagine there is a large set of costs, materials, & regulations involved in an EPA course which unfortunately makes it expensive.  Regardless, we have kept our price lower than others offering the same training.

Nick Norman, Manager
Landlord Resources Network 603-432-5549
Active member of RPOA
Past NH Lead Commission member.
(on the landlord's side)

Sponsored by:
Arthur Thomas Properties, LLC 603.413.6175, Sales-Rentals-Management

(We are also offering an option to place your ad in the handout package.  Prices range from $30 for business size ad to $150 for full page).

So far the "How To Avoid a Lead Abatement Order" workshop has been attended by 142 property owners, property managers and maintenance personnel representing 2211 units.  These units are now well on their way to drastically reducing their risk of getting a lead abatement order while at the same time keeping children safe.

Our fourth course will be held in Somersworth, NH on 5/7/10.  Tuition is only $30.

This course has been designed with landlords for landlords.  Our mission is to serve landlords to be more successful. We highly respect your confidentiality. Any contact info given to our company is never shared with anyone outside the company.  No one from the state or any government agency will know you have taken the course.  It is an excellent "safe" place for you to learn how to protect yourself from getting a lead order.

Please spread the word, refer your business associates, maintenance personnel and register right away by contacting Landlord Resources Network 603-432-5549

In this course you will learn:
Quick Highlight of the drastic Lead law changes 1/1/08 & changes in 2009.
The 3 step approach to solving the lead issue.
The precise formula to get an Order for Lead Hazard Reduction (So you can avoid these precise Lead Order triggering items).
The tenant turn over checklist to keep the apartment lead safe.
How to perform lead safe maintenance and renovations and to eliminate potential lead hazards on your own budget on your own schedule.
How to very inexpensively do your own lead testing so you can know where to focus and that you have "Cleaned" the apartment to lead safe standards.

Since 2007 I have been very active in the lead paint issue, served for a year on the NH Lead Commission and attended countless meetings with key players in the field of lead paint throughout the state.  During this time I have met with many landlords, experts, scientists, health professional and legislators in this field & have narrowed down what is the only truly financially viable solution to the lead paint issue.

This workshop is the first step in a 3 step program to implement the solution. The intent of the course is to teach you what are the precise triggers that result in a property owner receiving a Lead Abatement Order and specifically what you can do to dramatically reduce your risk of receiving an order while at the same time keeping children safe in your property.

As you may know, receiving a Lead Abatement Order can be anything from a little expensive to so dramatic a financial burden that the property has instantly become worthless.

This workshop is an absolute must for any rental property owner, manager or maintenance person operating property built before 1978 in NH.