Express Service

If you need to use our services right away, here's what you can do:

Fax or email your completed membership agreement, proof of ownership and Photo ID

Fax or email the form below with your Membership Agreement.

Fax: 603-424-4032


Once we receive this information, and approve your credit card payment, we will contact you (typically by email) so you can request reports right away!! If we receive your information between 8am - 4pm weekdays, we can usually approve your membership and contact you in less than an hour. If you fax this after 4pm or on a weekend or holiday, we will approve your membership before noon on the next business day.

If you provide your email address, we will send your approval via email along with additional information to get you up and running today!!

Express Service Request

Credit Card:  Visa ___  Mastercard ____   Debit Card ____  Discover ____ AMEX____

Cardholder's Name: _________________________ Contact me at: ___________________

Email:_____________________ ___________(To receive approval via email).

Address: __________________________City: __________________  State:______ Zip: ______

Card Number:____________________ _Expiration Date:__________ Three-Digit Code_______ (on back of card) Four digit code on front top right corner for AMEX.


By signing below, I authorize VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover or AMEX to bill my account for the amount listed above:

Authorization Signature:__________________________________ Date: ______________

Note:  We also require that the first reports you request be billed to your credit card.  Any reports requested after the initial approval, will be billed on the first of each month for reports requested the previous month.